About Us

PMCA What does it STAND FOR? When this company was first born in 1999, PMCA originally started out as an acronym for: Planning - Management - Consultants - Associates. But over the years, it seems that we have really became something special, and something more than what those four words bring to the table, but we still can't decide on 4 single words that best associate with PMCA so we came up with this:

[P] Passionate Professional People - We are only as good as the people that we employ, so we make sure to fill our team with as many passionate professional individuals as we can to ensure the continued success of the organization!

[M] Mindset & Methodology - To deliver the kind of great success we've brought to our clients, it's been truly about our single mindedness to the overall success of our clients, and it helps having developed methodologies and work processes that ensure best practices and efficiency for our clients.

[C] Collaborate & Create with our Clients - Collaboration with our Clients is KEY to Creating, designing, and building office spaces that improve the lives of those that work in the space!

[A] Achievement - The fruits of our labor, the end result of a successful collaboration with our clients! We take great pride in our achievements, and we achieve this level of excellence, because of the people we have involved from project inception to completion, and it is reflected in the high percentage of referral and repeat business.

PMCA is more than just 4 simple letters… (but if you can think of a better acronym feel free to let us know! [Connect With Us]