Franklin Templeton

Renovation Project

Project Size (net):
25,000 Sqft.

Chater House, Central
Hong Kong < BACK


Dear Joe and the team,

We are now almost 2 months inhabiting our expanded offices and I am so pleased to extend our appreciation for your magnificent job done.

This was my third and the biggest scale office renovation project which involved our different business entities in different locations. From premises searching to finalized layout and eventually getting the work finished, given a critical schedule but enormous connecting effort required, you have clearly proven how customers' oriented and professional a design and build company has to be. Needless to say, the right choice of picking the right partner becomes crucial for having a success.

Not only time is a factor, cost is another concern. In this regard, PMCA had demonstrated well their commitment of saving cost without compromising with design and quality. Their designer and project management expertise managed to get the most from the least yet keeping their passion on design and dedication to customer solution.

I can still hear our visiting clients' compliments on our office design and outfit which blend all elements well to each other, our investment philosophy, corporate image and a dynamic team of staff.

Special thanks to Alice who had exceptionally devoted and absorbed into this project. Thank you again for all of your effort and patience. Please feel free to use this unsolicited recommendation for any potential clients and wish your business a big success in the years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Kitty Leung
Office Manager