The PMCA Difference

At PMCA, our apporach to successful design solutions can be broken down into three simple terms: We Listen, Design & Build, Success.

Let us explain:

Every client, & every project has a unique set of requirements and it's our purpose to seek a deeper understanding of our clients' organization, its people and its environment. By taking the time to learn about not just the wall-to-wall requirements, we can create design solutions that reflect your voice with clarity and efficiency, engaging users productively while improving health and welfare. We have the passion, the tools and the expertise to ask the right questions in order to provide the best solutions.

At PMCA we build seamless solutions for your organization - from feasibility studies to strategic design solutions to on-site cost/quality/control management. As a corporate interior design company our focus lies on the planning, design, project management and execution of office relocations and renovations. With our advanced methodologies & research, we've come up with ways to take your project goals to the next level by creating for you ways to successfully communicate and engage your people to your organization, fostering a stronger sense of community both on a corporate level and on an individual level.

Rooted at the center of PMCA is our belief in our clients' success. As your partner and service provider we deliver customized solutions, tailor-made to fulfill the high expectations you have (and rightfully so!) in your new office surroundings. Each of our clients are different, and thus each design project has different requirements, but the one thing that stays true is our dedication to high quality construction work, under a strict time schedule and at a realistic yet competitive cost.

We look to build spaces that go beyond the walls, and we look for ways to design your space to help people work, learn and live better! It is through our expertise that we can combine your requirements, space planning, timeline and budget with intangibles such as inspiration, intuition and the right mix of talent to build something great!

A critical benefit of working with PMCA, is our willingness to bend over backwards to work with our clients until their problem is solved to their satisfaction. It's through our experience of working together with our clients that we've been able to contribute to their success.