Your Benefits

Superior Service - It is our policy to ensure the delivery of professional and consistent services to all our clients at all times. Our integrated team approach groups together staff members with experience relevant to the needs of your particular project. This project team, led by an experience senior staff member, will then follow the project all the way through from start to finish. Work is not split among separate departments, the logical consequence: No Communication breakdown. No unnecessary delay. Another benefit: The high proportion of qualified senior staff at PMCA means more senior level attention for you and your project.

Unique Design Creativity - many of our clients first come to us because of our design reputation. We think of ourselves as progressive and creative designers. But we always put your needs and requirements first. Our focus lies on developing design concepts that are truly unique and original and support your corporate identity and image. Therefore we would never re-use details or designs from past jobs just in order to save time or money. This commitment ensures first generation quality of your office design.

Network - to provide all our clients with the best international quality, our senior design and management teams are based in Hong Kong, conveniently situated to effectively service the region. In order to ensure that your international concept translates well to the local context, we maintain associate offices in key cities throughout the region. As a consequence, your international corporate needs are met and can be efficiently realized locally. In other words, you get the best of both worlds: An internationally consistent concept and the convenience, reliability, and familiarity of locally based consulting.

Experience & Reputation - as a service provider, we naturally rely on the high quality of our work to maintain our reputation. Only happy clients spread the word. That is why we are proud that many of our projects come from direct recommendations of other clients. We think that our proven ability to listen and perform is one of the reasons for that. We are also proud that we had the opportunity to work for many world renowned companies and market leaders. The experience gained in these projects help us to give you the best possible support on your relocation project.

Cost Control - working in the region for the last two decades, we have dealt with every major supplier and contractor around. This valuable experience and knowledge of the industry as well as strong relationships with key market players allow us to negotiate better conditions on all supply contracts. of course, all negotiated discounts are for the direct benefit of your project.

Analysis & Technology - all our design and planning activities are supported by a strong analytical foundation. This way we can make sure that the great interiors we design and build are based on technically accurate criteria and data. So that your new office will not only look good - but will also be functional and long lasting. Our highly qualified personnel use the most comprehensive computer assisted production and analytical facilities available in the region today. We invest heavily in state of the art hardware to ensure maximum speed and accuracy of documentation. And we develop custom software solutions for the specific needs of interior design projects.